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Dark Eldar v Dark Angels…Necromunda-style terrain battle report!

Quick batrep! Haven’t had one in a while, and this was the second game at Jack’s place and the first on the new Necromunda-style terrain! Loads of catwalks, platforms and ladders. Can’t wait to get it all painted!

Initially we were going to do a scenario with the Dark Angels trapped in the Dark Eldar city of Commoragh and they would have to get to a comms unit objective (to allow them to call in reinforcements), but we were running out of time to set everything up, so we did a simple layout with 3 objectives down the middle of the battlefield at 1250 points. No vehicles, just footsloggers!

Dark Angels took Belial with a large Deathwing bodyguard, plus 2 more smaller squads of Deathwing. All would Deep Strike in but only Belial wouldn’t scatter at first.

Dark Eldar took 3 10-man squads of Kabalite Warriors with 1 Splinter Cannon and 1 Shredder each, 20 Hellions, 2 5-man squads of Scourges and a tooled-up Archon with a large cohort of Incubi.

Batrep: Dark Angels defend against Dark Eldar Raid!

Defensive Stand! Hammertime: 8th November 1500 points Dark Angels – Jack Librarian (Warlord) with Terminators 7 Terminators in Land Raider Crusader 2 squads of Tactical Marines, combat-squadded 5 Scouts Predator Whirlwind Vindicator Dark Eldar – Frank and ‘Touched by Evil’ Shane Baron Sarthonyx (Warlord) with Hellions Haemonculus (with Scissorhands) with