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3-way Batrep: Blood Spectres v Necrons v Space Wolves!

HAMMERDOWN 1! GET SOME!! Hammerdowntime: 15th November 1000 points each, 3 players, free-for-all Blood Angels/Relictors – Shane 2 10-man squads of Assault Marines, combat-squadded with Sanguinary Priests and Captain 1 10-man squad of Devastators, combat-squadded Necrons – David B Warlord on Warscythe chariot 6 Immortals Warrior squad with Lord Squad

BatRep: Dark Eldar vs Blood Spectres & Space Wolves!

Hammertime: 30th October 1250 points Space Marine Relictors (Blood Angels) – Shane 2 squads of Assault Marines with Sanguinary Priest Captain (Warlord) with Iron Halo Space Wolves Allies – David W Runepriest psyker Squad of Grey Hunters (very CC-oriented, with bolters as well) Squad of Longfangs (Devastators) Dark Eldar –