40K Scenarios

Here’s a collection of scenarios we use for various situations.

Odd Number of Players

To keep things interesting and prevent situations where one player out of range most of the game or hangs back to clean up the other damaged armies, we’ve got a list of scenarios designed for games with an odd number of players.


Terrain, or as some people like to say ‘the 3rd opponent’ (in this case the 4th or 6th opponent) can be critical when using the deployment suggestions above. With the ‘checkerboard’ style of deployment (see below), perhaps the central objective should be screened by tall or wide line of sight-blocking terrain (not just trenches, water or walls) running parallel to the long sides of the table. This forces the player in the middle of the board to take more time to get around the terrain to the objective.


These are designed for armies of the same size. For a 3-player game, deployment should be ‘checkerboard’ style: two players deploying in the the corners on one long side of a normal 4×6′ board, with the other player deploying in the middle of the opposite site. Deployment area can be the with of one 2’x2′ tile and 6″ deep, or modified as desired.


Roll a d6 or choose the scenario:

1-3 The Proximitus Artifact
4-6 The Relic (Modified)

The Proximitus Artifact

This strange ancient artifact has been activated by unknown means and must be shut down. It will only remain stable so long as it detects powerful life forces within a short distance, otherwise it begins to release terrible energies that threaten the very fabric of reality on the planet it resides. The sleek black surface of the device is trembling, set to release a pulse of energy as your forces arrive on the site…

During the course of the game, should a player’s Warlord be slain that player must nominate any Character or Independent Character they control to become the de-facto Leader of their force. Each time a Leader is killed the controlling player must select a new Leader in that same way until no viable models remain.

The Proximitus Artifact is placed as an objective at the center of the table. At the end of second turn for each player if that player’s Warlord (or Leader should they have been slain) is not within 12″ of the Proximitus Artifact that player loses the game. At the start of each turn thereafter, if a player’s Warlord or Leader are not within 12″ of the Proximitus Artifact all models from each unit that player controls that are not within 12″ of the Proximitus Artifact must make a Toughness test, suffering a Wound on a failure with no saves allowed.

The Proximitus Artifact is the primary objective of the game and counts as five victory points. In addition to normal scoring units, Warlords count as scoring for the purposes of capturing this objective. First Blood, Slay the Warlord and Linebreaker are worth an additional point each.

The Relic  (Modified)

This is the same Relic scenario from the main rulebook, but modified so at the end of each turn the army that controls the Relic at the end of each game turn earns an additional Victory Point. First Blood, Slay the Warlord and Linebreaker are worth an additional point each.

Another Option: 2 v 1

If there is enough time to plan ahead, one player can have double the points value and play against the other two players in a normal match. The 2-player army is considered to be allies, no matter what army types are involved, and share the victory if they win.

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