Cryptek Conversions

I’d bought 2 of the finecast Cryptek models for my Necron Army. The problem is you can have up to 5 in a Royal court and Games Workshop only produce a single finecast model. So I had 2 identical Cryptek models.

The casting on one was very poor and I should have returned it really. However on a trip to Warhammer World one of the staff members Necron army was in the store display cabinet. He had used a Warhammer Wraith as a basis for a conversion for the Cryptek model and it looked great! So with his conversion in mind I bought the Wraith and converted the poorly cast Cryptek into the Wraith model.
Cryptek 1

From the poorly cast Cryptek I used his chest, arm (minus thumb), tail and head. From my Lychguard set I used a spare staff weapon and arm and from the Wraith I used the three-piece overcoat section only. It’s not a cheap way to make a Cryptek as it took two models to make just this one.

For the second Cryptek and having made one already, I thought I could get away with just spare parts this time. I wouldn’t have to cannibalise my other finecast Cryptek. This time the base was “The Changeling” a Chaos Demon finecast model.

It had a similar premise as the Wraith – A cowl that hid most of the Necron features and an air of mystery about what was underneath. Ditching the Chaos arms, I used the spare Cryptek arm with the orb and two Lychguard arms with the same spare staff weapon as before. I’m not convinced with the head piece in the cowl – I might remove it and have nothing there like the original model….

Cryptek 2

At least this way the model only stands me at the cost of the Chaos fincast model and not two! PLus I get to keep the better Cryptek model, giving me 3 Crypteks to play with now and not 2! Mwuahahahahah!


  • Pretty cool! seems like it would be pretty easy to kitbash more with GS robes and some arms from a bitz supplier

    • David B

      It’s one thing molding robes from other models but another constructing some from scratch. – The cryptek abilities and the fluff behind them makes them great models to convert. The Cryptek is about the only model in the Necron army that offers you the option of a conversion. The rest are pretty rigid in design. I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for general 28mm models with great looking robes! I have 3 more of the staff’s and loads of arms and heads.

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