Rhino Time!

Rhino Time!

Just want to throw this out there to the modelling experts…. how do I get a Dark Angel ‘wing on the back of this? I tried a stencil on my other rhino (which went very badly wrong and the paper I was using as the outline glued onto the paint and wrecked it).

I am debating a) using a transfer… but this tends to look a bit lame.

b) free-handing, but scared my skills arent up to it!

Any other ideas?


  • I’d be tempted to go for a transfer, in the past mine have come out a bit naff, but reading some tutorials (admitadly mainly for shoulder pads, but I assume tanks would be similar) on the subject and liberal use of lamian medium (make it easier to apply) & varnishes (to take off that wet-look sheen) looks like it would do the trick.

    I have also seen some tutorials for freehanding that make it more approachable, for example using a light pencil to draw on the outline of the shape and then fill it in with a brush. Should be fairly easy to build up the symbol using simple shapes.

    …so that wasn’t much help!

    Go for the freehand for Internet points!

  • David B

    There are a few companies making etched brass templates you can glue in place. These look great when painted. I think forgeworld may do some but have a look around.

  • Look for products called MicroSol and MicroSet – the first one melts the clear surrounding of the decal/transfer and the second secures it in place. Google it and find examples of its use, the finished product looks like it’s just painted or printed on.

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