Listmaker: Battlescribe

Since we seem to get lots of hits to this post, this has been updated March 2013 to reflect new link locations for the repository files

Just sharing Battlescribe as an easy and quick way to make lists for battles. It’s the best one I’ve found, and it’s free. You can make lists by hand of course, but if you can have it on your tablet or phone, why not? Less paper to carry 🙂

Download the program here

Go here for the Android app

Go here for the iOS app

Basically, the way it works is you add in the repositories* (use this link: so the program/app knows where to get the codex data from, you choose your army or allied detachment and you should be able to figure out how to add units and weapon options from there.

You can put in the point total and it will tell you when you’re over your points, choose the transports for your units, etc. When you’ve got a list, you can easily export it to email, web forum, whatever.

Basically, this makes it really easy to quickly come up with battle lists, especially when you’re wanting to try out lots of different options and loadouts. I’ll put it this way, this is one of the very few apps I’ve actually purchased the Pro version for (the links above are for the free versions).

*I should note here that because GW is trying to protect their copyrighted publications, no one is allowed to include codex material as part of their program or app. So you’ll have to manually input the web link for the program/app to find the point listings and info** – you only have to do this once and all you have to do is search online for ‘battlescribe data file’…or you can use the links here to have all the 40K codex info: (copy/paste or type this into your app)

Here are all the codex files for keeping your Battlescribe info up to date:

**Because these files are publicly maintained it’s a good idea to look over your lists after making them in the app, until you know your army well enough to spot any mistakes

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