Batrep: Space Wolves v Relictors, 1500 pts!

Grudge Match!

Hammertime: 17th January

1500 points

Relictors (Counts-as Blood Angels) – Shane
Mephiston (Warlord)
Furioso Librarian Dreadnought
2 x Sanguinary Priests
2 x 10 Assault Troop squads with 2 meltaguns each
3 x Land Speeders with heavy bolters and typhoon missiles
2 x Predators with heavy bolter sponsons and autocannons

Space Wolves – David W
Rune Priest in Terminator armor with 2 Wolf Guard
3 x Grey Hunters with 1 Wolf Guard, one with Rune Priest
1 squad of Long Fangs
Razorback with Lascannon

  • 4×6 table
  • Random scenario, 5 random objectives
  • Random terrain, deployment zones, table edges and sides



Cool terrain layout, fairly dense but still plenty of room for vehicles to move around. We played long-edge to long-edge across the table, Relictors deployed on the side with the rocks / red silos, Wolves deployed on the water tower / shipping container side.

Relictors won the roll for deployment, chose to go SECOND! Space Wolves to set up first!



One thing we forgot here is Relictors rolling to steal the initiative!


Wolves advance through the containers with the tough armoured dreadnought and terminators leading the way.

The heavy weapon long fangs move up to the edge of the building for a good view of the battlefield.

The rest of the wolves advance lead by terminators, the grey hunters move up to the forest.

The long fangs spot a couple of Relictor assault troops and fire off snap shots into the distance and amazingly take one down. These dudes can shoot!


Assault squads are straight out of cover and onto the factory rooftop, all speeders cruise 12″ to the middle of the battlefield with plenty of options to open fire on.

The Furioso dreadnought passes its wings of sanguinius test and jumps between the silos and pops some smoke, staying in cover.

The wedge of mature Predator Mephiston cheddar advances 12″ after Mephiston’s successful wings of sanguinius test with the predators and land speeder having the grey hunters in sight. The predators open fire with two heavy bolter sponsons, two autocannons along with the speeder’s heavy bolters and typhoon frag missiles, all hits but minimal casualties.

One land speeder opens fire on the long fangs, with heavy bolters and typhoon frag missiles but they shrug off the attack taking only one casualty.

Another speeder fires typhoon krak missiles into the tough front armour of the dreadnought which simply bounced off. Not even a glance.  These wolves are seriously tough!


The Wolves advance further across the battlefield after laughing at the Relictors shooting attempts and they seem to be celebrating by dancing in a conga-line…

The HQ rune priest and vindicator spot a lonely speeder and wedge of predator cheese behind the rocks…the Vindicator fired its huge pie plate of destruction demolisher cannon but missed. (We didn’t to the template scatter rule properly here which could have changed things a bit). The rune priest summoned up the powers of the warp and completely fried the lone speeder with 6 x strength 7 hits! Living lightning kicks (Relictor) ass.

Grey hunters advance further with an objective in sight.

The long fangs keep their cool after losing one and split fire at the remaining two speeders, easily exploding both. No worries.

Grey hunters advance into the forest but don’t bother firing into the tough predator armour.

This is a pic of the demolisher cannon attempt.

What living lightning does to speeders.


The predators break cheese wedge formation, one advancing on the hq rune priest and one flanking the grey hunters.Both fire but again, little damage. The relictor assault troops and mephiston are well within range to shoot and blast into assault of the grey hunters now. They hit hard with hammer of wrath and furious charge!

The other assault squad jump from the factory into range of the objective, but they have their sights set on the grey hunters. They unload bolt pistols only ensuring they can assault, the shots cause little damage. A mistake made here is using hammer of wrath, however this did little or no damage and charging on foot would have still been made easily.

The furioso dread flew through the silos and prepared to charge into the wolves dread. Dreadnought showdown!

Mephiston and the assault squad fly into combat causing loads of damage, Mephiston has his sights set on that rune priest.

The long-range equipped wolf dreadnought was no match for the close combat furioso.


Wolves LAZORBACK and grey hunters start to move out of cover and swiftly destroy the furioso dreadnought.

This was the move of the game, an epic shot by the vindicator that ‘coughed’ a shell out of its cannon and hit itself! Would have been amazing if it penned.

The previous three pics show the hq rune priest and wolf guard advancing on the predator and melta bombing it to death. No messing.

The wolves stayed in combat the previous turn but after fighting back they decided it was going nowhere so made a run for it. Relictors didn’t manage to cut them down right away but they won’t make it far…


Mephiston and Co. chase the wolves down and slaughter them, only the sergeant remained and ran his way off the board 🙂

The second assault squad after taking a few casualties managed to take down the grey hunters and terminators then proceeded to jump the mysterious water to assault the loose cannon vindicator, this was taken down with krak grenades after a failed melta attack.

These pics show Mephiston and the assault marines chasing down the running grey hunters.


The remaining full squad of grey hunters decided to advance towards the centre objective hoping to kill the assault marines holding the objective over the water and stopping them getting the line breaker point.

The long fangs and razorback help with this plan, trying to take down the assault troops but they hold their ground.

The rune priest who was down to one wound at this point also charged the assault marines but his terminator armour didn’t stand up to the high number of close combat attacks. Warlord kill for the Relictors.


After killing off the grey hunters, the assault troops and Mephiston made haste towards an objective, the end of the game was lurking!

Relictors made a TOTALLY LEGITIMATE move to gain the line breaker point and gain cover from the advancing wolves over the water. Not sure what the text in the picture is all about.


The wolves could have ran at this point to secure the centre objective but only really had one choice, to try and stop the assault marines holding their objective and hopefully get them to run, denying line breaker. They fired everything they could onto the Relictors but they didn’t budge.


After surviving the wolves last attack, the stubborn assault marines returned fire killing two long fangs! These dudes are NOT losing this objective.

The other assault squad secured the objective and mephiston prepared to move onto the centre objective(s) to deny the wolves but the game ended here. The wolves didn’t quite reach their objectives so despite the 4-1 result, this was actually a really close one!


Relictors: 4 (Slay the Warlord, Linebreaker, 2 Objectives)
Space Wolves: 1 (First Blood)


  • Interesting battle, good tactics but lots of missed rolls! I’m rooting for the Wolves to take the Relictors down a peg or two (but not this week!)!

  • Was another great battle, in contrast to Hammerfest, I actually decided to go after the objectives this time! My plan was working well, with control of 3 and 2 more in close proximity at one point. It all fell apart with some dodgy rolling – failed every important leadership test, including my grey hunters counterattack ability twice when it really mattered! Even without my questionable tactics at the end of the game I was always struggling after suffering terrible loses at the hands of Morphius and his pals.

    So the treachery of the foul Relictors has yet to be avenged, with news that they have been dabbling with Chaos relics and even rumours of an unholy alliance with forces of the eye of terror, it’s more imperative than ever this heresy be put down!

    What are the sons of Russ to do? We cannot stave off these deviant foes with wooden spoons alone; I am thinking heavy flamer and plasma spam! Perhaps call on some allies who have some experience dealing with the fallen and wielding plasma weapons, it’ll be an uneasy alliance but needs must…

  • Jack

    You are all going to die horribly. Well maybe not you Dave. Not yet.

    Can’t wait for this weeks match up!

  • David B

    mwahahahahah! mwahahahahah! mwahahahahah! ……….

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