Batrep: Necrons v Chaos Space Marines 800 pts

Tomb King vs Chaos King!

Hammertime: 16th January

800 points

Necrons – David B
Oberon (Warlord)
Lord on chariot
1 squad of Warriors
1 squad of Flayed Ones
1 squad of Immortals

Chaos Space Marines – Frank
Chaos Lord (Warlord) w/ Gift of Mutation, Power Sword
2 x 10 standard Chaos Space Marines with Plasma Gun (Champions with Gift of Mutation & Power weapons)
11 Chaos Cultists
10 Chaos Cultists
Havocs with Lascannons

  • 4×6 table
  • Random scenario, straight-up victory/kill points
  • Random terrain, deployment zones, table edges and sides


Chaos won the roll for deployment and opted to go first


Two of the Chaos Champions and the Chaos Lord all had Gift of Mutation, which gives them a roll on the Chaos Boon table before the game starts. The Champion leading one unit of Chaos Marines got nothing earth-shattering, but the other got turned into a Spawn!! So that’s 30 points  vanished in the wind right there (Plasma Pistol + Power Sword = 30 pts). He became a separate unit on his own, but he was kept with his old unit.


The Spawn (formerly Chaos Champion) is with the unit of marines in the bottom of the picture


The Flayed Ones used their Infiltrate rule to move into the trees

Necrons didn’t steal the initiative, so Chaos started off!


The Marines move out from behind cover and the Spawn moves into the forest to prepare an assault on the Flayed Ones

The other squad of Marines and the Cultists move up

The Cultists that are in range of the Warriors fire, but don’t take any out

Havocs fire their lascannons into the Flayed Ones, and the Marines fire bolters into them as well, killing 2!

The Spawn moves up, killing 1!


The Immortals move up into the ruin (not shown: they fired onto the Marines, killing a couple of them)

The Warriors all get into the smaller ruin

The Lord on his war chariot moves up and surveys the situation

and Oberon moves around the building

The Warriors fire into the Havocs, killing one!


The assault with the Spawn continues

(not sure what happened here, I think the Flayed Ones killed the Spawn and they consolidated into the ruins)

The Cultists move up again…

…while the Marines get a bead on the War Chariot and fire a snap shot with the plasma gun! (the chariot had turbo-boosted to the position shown in turn 1)

The other squad of Marines don’t want to take any more fire from the Immortals so they move behind hard cover

The Cultists fire as many as they can into the Warriors, killing a couple! Good show!


Oberon moves up further – he can now see the enemy! GET OFF MY LAWN!

The Flayed Ones move out of the ruin – they can’t assault the Marines because they can’t see them, so they run up to the red silos

The War Chariot moves up and fires on the Marines!

The Warriors fire on the Cultists, blasting 5 of them to nothingness!

They fail their leadership roll and turn tail!

The War Chariot does his Sweep Attack on the Marines but they are all able to survive


The cultists continue to roll high rolls for their Fall Back checks, and they’re just a couple of inches from the edge of the table!

The other squad of cultists move up

The Havocs fire on the Warriors

The Marines move up and fire on the Flayed Ones

And wipe them out! So that’s them successfully drawn out of cover…

The other squad of Marines, surrounding their Lord, move up and again a Snap Shot on the War Chariot misses


The War Chariot zips in and fires on the Marines!

The Immortals move out of cover…

…and blast several of the Marines away!

The Warriors fire on the remaining Cultists (the other squad of Cultists had run off the board)

This time, SEVEN Cultists go to meet their Chaotic gods!

…and the remainder run away.

Oberon and the War Chariot fire their Tachyon weapon at the Marines, killing a couple

And the War Chariot sweep attack rolls THREE SIXES which allows the Lord to concentrate them all on the Lord! He’s got 3 wounds so he is killed outright.

Oberon assaults the remaining Cultists (not sure he was allowed to do this, but probably – stupid Necron trickery!)

The Cultists all die, and Oberon consolidates away from the Marines


The Marines move up and fire on Oberon

The other Marines move up and fire on the Immortals

Then assault! 4’s all around, so looking for 4 on every die…this is going to go on for a while


The War Chariot swoops in again

Oberon joins the fray

The Warriors, a few Necrons down, fire on the Havocs

A couple more Marines are down in the Oberon combat

Sweep attack again! (The War Chariot actually went on the other side of the water tower as you can see at the top of the picture above, and in the picture below)

The Marines fail their Leadership, fall back and Oberon consolidates closer to the Marines

…while this goes on at the other end of the battlefield


The lascannons of the Havocs fire on the War Chariot, but aren’t able to penetrate the armor (which would reduce its armor for the rest of the game)

These Marines didn’t actually fail their roll, they moved back so they can take rapid fire shots on Oberon. This tactic did not work.

…and this fight is still going on…


The War Chariot moves in on the Havocs, while the Warriors fire on them – between all the hits, two the Havocs are killed and just their Champion remains (with the last Power weapon on the field)

Oberon, bored of the Marines, moves in on the Havocs but the Lord on his chariot kills the Havoc Champion

…and yeah this continues too


Turn 6! The battle didn’t end! So the Marines fire on Oberon

and this battle continues!


Oberon moves in!

and assaults! Two of the Marines go down, but the last one holds his ground!

The War Chariot pops over to the close combat to see what’s happening

‘Hey guys, having trouble here? Let me just slaughter these Marines for ya’


Yeah this isn’t going to end well



Tabled by Necrons! next time…


  • My thoughts on the battle:
    Took 4 troop units hoping to get a mission with objectives, rolling for kill points wasn’t a good start! Then losing 30 points of upgrades to have one Champion turned into a Spawn was another hit. And using Cultists turned out to be not so great, since they’ll run as soon as danger looks at them in the face. But apart from that I did pretty well! Concentrated fire on the Flayed Ones was a good plan, but I’ll need stronger ranged units that won’t run easily the next time I face Necrons.

  • David B

    I have to say I was very worried when Frank put down over double the mini’s I had on the board!

    The traits all turned out to be useless so no funky rules to remember!

    I was trying the Flayed Ones for the first time – I’m not sure how useful they are. The very low Initiative gives them a distinct disadvantage in combat – There deep strike rule is now wasted in 6th as the can’t charge on arriving.

    The Lord continues to do his thing – I went back to staying out of range and sweeping in with his Warsythe which is fantastic against anything without an invulrable save. The 3 x 6’s was soooo lucky to take out the warlord.

    Frank asked me how i’d play against Necrons and I think taking down the chariot in close combat with grenades is quite easy but you then have to cope with the Lord once he steps out the wreck 🙁
    something like a tank buster squad of Wytches/AssM to sacrifice for the chariot might be a good swap? Robs him of the sweep and his movement around the board.

    I think you can see by the close combat with the immortals that they can be shut down and clamped in place for several turns or even wiped out without support. The normal troops are no close combat specialists.

    The cultist squads took three warriors I think, but seem only useful as objective holders that are behind your front line. I know the scenario meant there weren’t any objectives to take and hold but can they come in squads of 5 or 6 models? At least you have some cheap objective holders if you need them and they don’t take up a lot of points that way. I think I might have lost it if it were objective based.

    We almost forgot snap shots on occasion for moving models with heavy weapons
    I’ll also have to check the rules for the Tachyon Arrow – It’s a Special Ability that acts as a shooting attack, I don’t know if it counts as firing a normal shooting attack or not.

  • Jack

    Feel like the key to anti-necrons is no vehicles and plasma spam… maybe…

  • I’m working on a ‘base’ list of CSM that I can customize for each game – it seems in general anything anti-MEQ should be good enough for Necron, just have to make sure to take a melta bomb or two, and maybe combi-meltas for when the opportunity presents itself!

  • Tapio

    Nice report. I would drop one cultist squad and give the lord Sigil of Corruption for 4++ and drop one squad of marines for Berzerkers in a Rhino. BTW, you re-roll Gift of Mutation rolls for spawn and daemon prince rolls, so you suffered an unnecessary handicap.

    • Yeah I haven’t tried anything with Sigil of Corruption yet, I’ll get there eventually. Berzerkers in a Rhino can’t charge though, so not sure how useful they’d be standing in the open during the enemy turn. And I found out about the Mutation rolls the next game – doh!

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