Blood Spectres v Chaos Space Marines – 2013 part 2!

Battle for the Cheese!

Hammertime: 14th January

1500 points Relictors-Blood Angels – Shane
Mephiston (Warlord)
2 squads of Assault Marines with 2 Plasma Guns and Sanguinary Priest
2 Land Speeders
2 Predators
1 squad of Devastators

Chaos Space Marines – Frank
Typhus with 5 Chaos Terminators (Warlord)
2 x 9 Plague Marines in Rhino
2 x 22 Plague Zombies
Havocs with autocannons
Forgefiend with Hades Autocannons

I spy, with my glowing green eye, a tasty Chaos relic! I also spy a renegade battle force across the field, also vying for a taste of that wonderful Chaos goodness! Who shall the win the fight this day?

  • 4×6 table as usual
  • Random scenario, straight-up victory/kill points
  • Random terrain, deployment zones, table edges and sides


Relictors won the roll for deployment and opted to go first DEPLOYMENT – RELICTORS



Chaos didn’t steal the initiative, so Relictors started off!


Devastators stayed where they where, while everything else moved up.

The lone Land Speeder on the left shifted over to get a shot at one of the Rhinos

Well behind cover!

The Predators fire at the front and side armor of the green Rhino, taking off a hull point

The other Land Speeder takes aim…

…taking out several of the Plague Zombies (but they’re zombies so they don’t run away!)

The other Land Speeder takes a hull point off the other Rhino – no harm, no foul (well actually there’s a bit of harm, so a bit of a foul)


The Havocs step out of cover, firing 8 autocannon snapshots at the Land Speeder, but they all miss! Everyone else moves up, and the storm bolters on the Rhinos aren’t able to do anything to the Predators or Land Speeder

Fluffy the Forgefiend wants to make a new friend, so he climbs up and blasts away at the Predator’s front armor: strength 8 vs armor 14, just one glance from 8 full BS shots, not great

The Zombies plod forward, searching for ‘Brainzzz…’


Everyone moves up on the Relictors side! And the other squad of jump Assault Marines arrive

The Land Speeder unloads on the Chaos Rhino, wrecking it, so the Plague Marines exit

One Predator fires everything at one of the zombie units, but doesn’t do very well – still took out a couple!

The jump Assault Marines land on the archway and pop a few shots at the Plague Zombies, and this Predator misses most of its firing also.

Mephiston decides to not assault the Forgefiend, and goes after the Plague Marines instead. Luckily, he forgot to fire his plasma pistol!


The Havocs fire on the Land Speeder with full BS and take it all the way down!

The Predator is taken out by the Forgefiend – crater time!

Typhus and his Terminator bodyguard deep strike in close to where they want, and blast away at the assault marines, killing the sergeant and Sanguinary Priest

The Plague Zombies near the water tower have no weapons, so they move towards the other assault marines but fail to roll high enough to charge!

The Plague Marines pile in, but their Champion must challenge Mephiston! It’s not going to end well for him, but he goes for it anyway…and dies for his efforts!


The surviving Land Speeder swoops in behind the Forgefiend and blasts away at the rear armor, exploding it!

The Devastators fire everything at Typhus’s Terminators but miss with everything

The surviving Predator fires on the Plague Zombies, whittling down their numbers again

The assault marines fire on the Havocs, killing most of them…

…then they assault, killing the rest!

The other unit of Assault Marines swoop down and join Mephiston and together they wipe out the first squad of Plague Marines! Another victory point for the Relictors…


The surviving Rhino moves in, the other unit of Plague Marines disembark and they combine fire on the Assault Marines with the Terminators, taking out several!

Flame template covers most of the squad!

The last surviving member runs off, leaving Mephiston to stand alone!

The Plague Marines plod on…

The other Plague Marines move to surround the other squad of Assault Marines…

…and assault! They don’t really do all that much though.


Mephiston and the last Assault Marine charge the Plague Marines, leaving the Terminators to be shot up by the Devastators – they take out the guy at the very back!

The Land Speeder and Predator also open fire on the Terminators, and their Champion goes down!

Mephiston wipes out four of the Plague Marines with his force weapon!

The Assault Marines kill off nearly half of the zombies – but again they don’t run away (zombies never run, and never run away!)


The Terminators close on Mephiston, and Typhus challenges him to a duel! Unfortunately he rolls a 1 on this Daemon Weapon roll, dooming him to WS1 for this attack! So of course Mephiston doesn’t get hurt


At this point we sort of lost track of what happened, apart from Typhus rolling 1 for his Daemon Weapon AGAIN! so he was only WS1 against Mephiston. The surviving squad of Assault Marines jumped nearby, ready to assault, but the game ended on a roll after Turn 5 anyway.


Several points for Relictors, compared to just a few for Chaos. The forces of ‘good’ win this day!  

One comment

  • First time trying out the Cultists as Plague Zombies – even with Feel No Pain they were cut through like butter, so a bit disappointed. Used the Cultists to get extra scoring units but they wouldn’t hold up under pressure anyway. Typhus rolling 1’s on his Daemon Weapon check was a killer, I think he could have put up a much better fight against Mephiston if that hadn’t happened! Otherwise it was OK, no major debacles. I’ll need to field more heavy stuff to take the pressure off the Forgefiend though.

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