Hammerfest suggestions for crazy random rules!

OK so here are some suggestions I’ve heard (or had myself) already for the one-time effects that will happen once per turn. One of these effects (rolled randomly) will happen at the end of every turn, and the idea is that they won’t affect any specific army any worse or better than any other army – they’re just meant to make this particular game random and interesting (in the spirit of the epic MWG 5-year anniversary battle)!

So here we go:

  1. Roll a D6 for each unit that has been killed so far – on a 5+, the unit is revived and can enter as Reserves in the next turn. Normal Reserves rules are in effect, so if the unit has Outflank, etc., it can use those rules.
  2. Each 2×2′ square is hit by a large blast – roll 2d6 for each X and Y axis, with each die point counting for 2″. The resulting coordinates are the location of an Ordnance Large Blast template, S8 AP2
  3. Roll coordinates as in #2 above. Roll a D6 for each 2×2′ square – on a 4+, 2D6 Genestealers warp in on the coordinates and charge the closest unit as normal (rolling for difficult terrain, etc.). Overwatch is allowed even if the attacked unit has done an Overwatch attack (but not allowed if the unit being attacked is in close combat). If nothing is in range the Genestealers don’t attack. The Genestealers disappear into the warp after their attack.
  4. Roll coordinates as in #2 above – this is the hit location for a Bouncing Squig Bomb! The bomb lands and is a normal Blast template, S8, AP5. Each bomb bounces 3 times – roll 2D6 and a Scatter die to see where it bounces and explodes.
  5. Roll a D6 for each unit on the table – on a 1, the unit is sucked into the Warp and is spat out somewhere else on the table. The leader of any unit that is sucked away must choose a 2×2′ square that is diagonal to the square it is presently on, and place the leader of the unit where he would like them to exit the Warp. Roll 3D6 and a Scatter die and move the model as indicated, ignoring Mishaps, Dangerous Terrain tests or impassable terrain (just move the model to the closest point possible). Then place the remaining models in the unit as the Deep Strike rule.
  6. Roll a D6 for each 2×2′ square. On a roll of 5+, roll coordinates as in #2 above – this is the hit location for a Nuclear Strike! This is an Ordnace 10″ Blast, S2D6 APD6, no cover save!
  7. As #3 above, except a Dark Eldar Raider full of Kabalite Warriors, equipped with Splinter Racks appears from a webway portal and attack the closest target, just for fun! The  weapons have 24″ range, Rapid Fire if under 12″, BS3, twin-linked and poison on a 4+. The Raider disappears into its portal after its attack.

Comment away! I’ll update this post with suggestions as they come in.

Update #1! Number 6 above, inspired directly by the MWG video.

Update #2! Number 7, inspired by Dark Eldar trickery!


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