Christmas Hammerfest – how about this update?

OK so to update: I originally posted about doing a Christmas Hammerfest, basically an afternoon filled with crushingly badass, futuristic battling!

So far the response has been enthusiastic, we just need to make the timing work right for everyone.

Turns out a Friday doesn’t really work out for David B, so let’s set it for a Wednesday in December (to be determined) and we’ll aim to start by 7 PM and finish by 10 PM so Jack and David B can get home at a reasonable hour.

Same rules as before:

  • Set up a 4×8 board with normal random terrain
  • 750 or 1000 point limit (maybe 800 so we have a reasonable amount)
  • Every army’s warlord gets a ‘flag’ marker worth 1 point
  • Roll for deployment and go!
  • The army with the most flags wins

What I’m proposing to add is:

  • No points for Slay the Warlord, Linebreaker or First Blood
  • The Warlord can ‘pass’ the flag by moving to base contact with something else
  • Units holding the flag can mount transports
  • …and you MUST use the Christmas present HQ unit as your warlord (this might be more helpful to some than others…)

What do you guys think of that?

Also, in the spirit of Shane’s crazy random rules, check out this batrep from MiniWarGaming’s 5-year anniversary celebration.

Basically Mat runs a game for Dan and Dave and every turn some wild and crazy rule occurs for that turn only (such as, Tyranids appear in the middle of a randomly chosen area and attack the nearest unit, and a HUGE flyer appears and attacks everything it can, etc.). I’m thinking we can each come up with some insane-level thing that will happen, we number them 1-5 and we roll each turn to see what happens that turn. It has to be random (such as, roll to choose random 2’x2′ sections, etc.), can’t help or hurt one army over another, can’t affect only certain units, can’t steal or remove anyone’s flags, etc. Just something wild to keep everyone on their toes!


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