D&D Night!


A splendid game of Dungeons & Dragons last night! This is the third (I think?) game of D&D 5th edition, with Jack running a game for the other 3 of us.

In this session we tracked a group of bandits that attacked us in the last session, tracing their steps up a narrow gorge where Kershan (Frank’s character) managed to spot a lonely lookout around a bend. Climbing up the wall (just barely, but Keyshan saw it as a victorious mountain assault that could only be achieved by the best mountaineers) and rolling a 20 to sneak up on the lookout, the watcher was taken out without warning, allowing the others to sneak into the end of the blind canyon, take out two more bandits drunk around a campfire, sneak into a small cave system and after a long fight take out a couple of higher-ranking bandits and their very hard to kill leader.

All in all a good night, and yes those miniatures (at least the ones for the adventuring party) should be painted by the next time we play!

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