Welcome to the new site!

Welcome to the Tabletop Warlords!

Once known as Hammertime40K, here we are on a new site, a new look and lots of new stuff on the horizon. For now, we’re just directing traffic from the old site to the new site, which is a hosted site and not just a ‘blanketyblank’dotwordpressdotcom. So we’ve got a little more control of things, which means there’s a bit more potential for us to screw things up! Hopefully everything goes smoothly, it looks like all of the old posts and links, etc., transferred over OK. Some of the old posts may be missing pictures but that’s OK! As we find them I’ll try to replace the missing images, they’re all online anyway.

So for you members of the Hammertime40K group: welcome! For you fellow board and RPG games: welcome! We’ll be making new pages and categories for the site soon, so everything will be easy to find.

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