Play It Painted Pledge!

Saw this on one of the 40K forums I’m on, and thought it would be a pretty cool thing to try to do.

Play it painted basically means for this year, I’ll only play games with models that have been painted. I know we all have our own constraints on time and all that, but this is a challenge for me so I can get my stuff painted.

So I’ll only play games with models that have at least a base color on them – that means primer plus at least one color, like the Dark Eldar vehicles I used on Sunday. All of those vehicles have their main color but there’s plenty of detail to do yet on all of them, and I’ll be going through them all to add gold to the weapons and decks, plus other spots of color here and there.

I’ll also extend this a bit and try to make sure that we only play with painted terrain as well, with at least. For the most part we already do this, but there are some bits of terrain that are still bare MDF or cardstock that need to get painted!


  • That seems like a cool idea Frank – I’ll definitely join you, may mean I won’t play a game for a while though… 😉

    Really want to get back into blogging on here about the hobby to kickstart progress again too. Really enjoyed seeing everyone’s end of year posts, cataloguing their achievements month by month for the previous year – would be cool to be able do the same at the end of this year (and not have a handful of posts about half finished models)!

    So I think I will start doing some oaths on here to document it…that and the ‘Tuttle’ hour should help get things moving again and closer to gaming with a fully painted army!

    • LMan

      Count me in! Tough ask but the in the grim darkness of my near future, there is only the war on bare plastic!

      • haha yes! How about taking it even further and allowing anyone playing against you to have Preferred Enemy: Unpainted? 😉

        but yes! this is one way to get some painting done – I’ve got part of a plan going for painting: once I’ve airbrushed as much as I can, bring the models downstairs and watch TV while painting the detail bits. Keeps me a bit warmer and helps me get in a couple of hours of painting!

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