2014-15 Hammerfest Apocalypse Game at Warhammer World!

This will be updated over the next couple of days, but here are the pictures from the big 20,000pt Apocalypse game at Warhammer World!

Taking place again on the J’migan’s Bridge table, the largest table at Warhammer World (12′ x 6′), this one pitted the Dark Angels of Jack with the Blood Spectres (Blood Angel successor chapter) of Shane against the Dark Eldar of Frank, Necrons of David B and the Space Wolves and Eldar of David W! Unlikely alliances all around, but that’s the way Apocalypse goes!

Without further ado, here are the pictures! I’ll try to update the captions with the action that’s happening in each picture, but if there’s anything you can update or correct me with please do.

Getting set up!

Freshly painted Dark Eldar! FINALLY!


Turn One – Dark Angels/Blood Spectres

Turn 1 – Space Wolves/Necron/Dark Eldar

Turn 2 – Dark Angels/Blood Spectres

Turn 2 – Space Wolves/Necron/Dark Eldar

I…forgot my flight stands. Make do and mend, right?!

And that was the game! Lots of damage, lots of death! And lots of fun!

Again, if you can help out with the captions that would be great.

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