Dark Eldar v Dark Angels…Necromunda-style terrain battle report!

Quick batrep! Haven’t had one in a while, and this was the second game at Jack’s place and the first on the new Necromunda-style terrain! Loads of catwalks, platforms and ladders. Can’t wait to get it all painted!

Initially we were going to do a scenario with the Dark Angels trapped in the Dark Eldar city of Commoragh and they would have to get to a comms unit objective (to allow them to call in reinforcements), but we were running out of time to set everything up, so we did a simple layout with 3 objectives down the middle of the battlefield at 1250 points. No vehicles, just footsloggers!

Dark Angels took Belial with a large Deathwing bodyguard, plus 2 more smaller squads of Deathwing. All would Deep Strike in but only Belial wouldn’t scatter at first.

Dark Eldar took 3 10-man squads of Kabalite Warriors with 1 Splinter Cannon and 1 Shredder each, 20 Hellions, 2 5-man squads of Scourges and a tooled-up Archon with a large cohort of Incubi.

Some detail shots:

First turn!

Dark Angels won the roll-off for deployment, but gave up their advantage because they’d be deep-striking in on the first turn. So the Dark Eldar moved up towards the 3 objectives in the middle of the battlefield:

Then Belial and friends dropped in to say hello…pew pew pew!

Ouch. 3 Hellions left, and 3 Kabalites left on the platform!

Turn 2

The remaining Hellions and Kabalites made their leadership save, amazingly, so they moved into position to fire on Belial’s unit. The warrior squad on the other side moved into position as well:

3 Deathwing down!

Dark Angels dropped in another squad on top of the middle objective:

The middle warrior squad was blasted, and the Archon’s bodyguard had 3 Incubi knocked down…so they ran away! Oh no! That’s the Dark Eldar warlord turning tail!

Another view of that central objective, with the Kabalites about to get shot up pretty badly:

Turn 3

The Scourges finally got some better range on the two smaller squads of Deathwing, and the left flank Kabalite squad moved further onto their objective while the other remaining squad moved back so they could have range (24″) on the two closest Deathwing squads.

Meanwhile, the Hellions and the remains of the last Kabalite Warrior squad stayed in firing range of Belial’s squad to pester them:

All that shooting and just one Deathwing terminator down!

On to of that, the Archon failed his Leadership roll again and his entire retinue run off the table!

Belial finally gets tired of the pecking away at his squad so he orders his bodyguard to cut down the Hellions and the 3 Kabalites. The surviving Hellions run away but there’s still one pesky Kabalite Warrior left!

The Scourges aren’t ignored, either, one of them goes down in a hail of fire:

Turn 4

Two of the Deathwing on the center objective fall, and the Scourges move in to try to take the objective!

It didn’t last, of course…

Finally, the other squad of Deathwing charge into the squad of Kabalite Warriors holding the final objective:

The game was called here for time, there were very few Dark Eldar models left. If it weren’t for a couple of horrendously failed morale checks and some better shooting results, the game could have gone another way!

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