Warhammer World Trip: 7th edition Mini-Tournament!

DW’s friend Wiggy was up from the South to pay a visit to Warhammer World, so we took the opportunity to make it a day for a 3-person mini-tournament!

We only had 8 hours to get in 3 games. Each one of us would play twice, playing everyone in round-robin fashion. We used the Maelstrom of War missions (using the Tactical Objectives), rolling randomly to decide the mission. The first two players were decided by rolling a die, with Wiggy and David playing first. Frank got to sit and see Wiggy’s Mechanicum force in action! The overall winner would be decided by the total of Victory Points earned in every game!!

+ + GAME ONE + + 

Space Wolves v Mechanicum

Deployment! Mechanicum’s cyborg-things and robot-things, led by their Space Snail leader!

Space Wolves face off against the Mechanicum!

Space Wolves steal the initiative!

Eek, these Mechanicum things can jump…

Facedown! That building was full of Long Fangs…

Space Wolves slogging it forward

Terminators seemed to do alright…

Mechanicum: 8
Space Wolves: 5


+ + GAME TWO + + (after lunch: no more Bellybuster! boo!)

Mechanicum v Chaos Space Marines


Mechanicum go first

Chaos bikers on the move!

Heldrake and Typhus with Obliterators come in on Turn 2!

The Mechanicum forces respond

An epic battle ensues!

The end result: 2 Warlords killed, and nothing left! They killed each other, Rocky-style!

The cyborgs are driven off by the Chaos bikers and Heldrake!

Mechanicum: 11
Chaos Space Marines: 7


+ + GAME THREE + + 

Chaos Space Marines v Space Wolves 



Chaos Bikers on the move again! (the same side as in the last game)

The view of the Long Fangs

Gunner’s-eye view

Typhus and friends drop in to say hello!

The Ring of Typhus

Daemon Force weapon and Terminator Armour saves = Typhus still lives!

The final Plague Zombie finally succumbs after the 12-zombie unit survives into round 4!

We called this game on time at about 10 to 6!

Space Wolves: 4
Chaos Space Marines: 7


Mechanicum: 19
Chaos Space Marines: 14 
Space Wolves: 9

Also, Bugman’s got rid of the Belly Buster!! BOOO!!! Had to have the Fat Bloke with curly fries and a bucket of onion rings to make my own Bellybuster combo.

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