7th Edition: Space Wolves v Tyranids!

DW’s first 7th edition game, facing a Tyranid horde! WHO WILL WIN?!

Space Wolves:
Rune Priest (Warlord)
Lone Wolf
2 x 10 Grey Hunters in Rhinos
2 x Vindicators
3 x wolf-rider dudes
Long Fangs

Flying Hive Tyrant with 2 x T-L Devourers with Brainleech Worms
2 x Tervigons with 30 Termagants each
3 x Venomthropes
3 x Carnifexes with 2 x T-L Devourers with Brainleech Worms
3 x Biovores

Tervigons deployed and went first! This is after the first turn. (there were a couple of proxies: the Chaos Forgefiend is the Exocrine, the Zoanthrope is a Venomthrope, the Nurgle Terminators are the other 2 Venomthropes, the Helbrutes are Carnifexes and the armless Hive Tyrant is the 3rd Carnifex)

Biovores were the only thing that could shoot, and they took out most of the Long Fangs.

Space Wolves moved up – the Rhino at the back was stuck in difficult terrain.

Vindicators took out a few of the Termagants and the wolf riders assaulted the Exocrine

The Exocrine was killed, but that’s a swarm attack if I’ve ever seen one… 1 Carnifex nearly wrecked one Rhino and the next turn wrecked another, forcing the Grey Hunters inside to exit, making them easy targets for the Biovores.

The FHT turned on his Psychic Scream, killing the Rune Priest (warlord kill!) and SIX of the Grey Hunters! BAM!

We had to call the game on time but the mission objective cards went the way of the Tyranids to an extent, finishing 8-1 when we had to pack up.

One comment

  • Had a lot of fun with this game! Interesting seeing the Hive Swarm in action 😀 The Mission Objective cards swung my way a bit but I think the Unit of the Match has to be the Biovores, getting lots of kills with their massive barrage hits. Was great to see the Psychic Scream work so well, will definitely have to look for that one when locked in combat!

    gg 🙂

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