First Hammertime 40K 7th edition game!

Unbound Tyranid & Chaos (Forgefiend in the middle of the picture and Heldrake in reserve) army faces off against a Dark Angel Deathwing force.

The Forgefiend was repositioned to be 12″ from the Termigaunts (as they’re allied but must deployed 12″ from each other).

The Dark Angel force used the normal Force Organization Chart, but had the Shadowsword as its Lord of War, under agreement (it’s not a Dark Angel unit). See up-close pictures of the Shadowsword here!

We used the first Maelstrom of War scenario, just to use 3 of the Objective Cards (center of the table).

These are the cards I drew as the Tyranid player. We had to look it up, but you can draw and earn Victory Points for the same result.

End of the Tyranid’s first turn – Biovores killed a couple of Deathwing, the Termigaunts charged into the cathedral to control Objective Point 1 to earn 2 Victory Points!

During the Dark Angel turn, Belial teleported in with his Terminator guard to take control of the cathedral, then the Tervigon and Forgefiend shot on them before the Tervigon assaulted in.

Belial won after a couple rounds…

Then the Deathwing with the Librarian assaulted the Tervigons to complete one of their Objective Cards and earn their 4th Victory Point (after killing the Flying Hive Tyrant)…winning the game 4 to 2.

The Psyker Phase went pretty smoothly but Jack isn’t convinced. I’d hoped that assault would be made a little more effective. Overall this is definitely more 6.5 than a whole new 7th edition.

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  • We only did a couple of turns because of time constraints, but overall I enjoyed the game! It was interesting to do an Unbound 1849 pt list against a Battle Forged list. Unbound was cool, and it seems to work OK against a normal FOC list.

    Best part was the randomness of the Objectives – you can’t discard the ones you can never achieve, but you get new ones when you’ve accomplished any of the objective cards you’ve got. So your objectives can change from turn to turn.

    Psyker phase was interesting – Tyranids are going to dominate with plenty of dice to counter attacks and blessings, or for their own attacks, but they’re psyker-heavy after all. I think it goes quickly enough.

  • LMan

    Overdue comment –

    The pysker phase was better… but I don’t think its worth going half-assed at it, I brought a Librarian to give it a go, next time I probably wouldn’t bother, esp as Nids powers are fairly sedate.

    I loved the objectives though – very dynamic way to play!

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