New Cypher Rules

Not sure if these are worth a tenner, but these are the highlights of the new Cypher rules the Black Library released this week, from a user on Something Awful:

I grabbed the new Cypher dataslate against my better judgment so here’s a quick summary:

Cypher is 190 points with a bunch of special rules:
* Cypher can be used with Chaos Marines, Imperial Guard, the Inquisition, Sisters of Battle, Space Marines, Blood Angels, Space Wolves, and Grey Knights. He doesn’t use up any slots and can’t be included in an army that has any Dark Angels models.
* Cypher has WS7, BS10, and I8, but otherwise has a captain’s stats including And They Shall Know No Fear. No invulnerable save, but he does have Fleet, Hit & Run, and Infiltrate.
* He has some special rules about capturing him. If a Dark Angel does it that player gets 3 victory points, if a different model manages it or he escapes no one gets extra victory points, and if Cypher lives through the battle his controlling player gets D3 victory points. An enemy model must be within d6″ when Cypher is removed from play to capture him.
* Cypher can fire his pistols twice during the shooting phase or fire them once before or after running. In close combat half of his attacks rounding up are S4 AP5 and the rest are S7 AP2. His plasma pistol doesn’t have Gets Hot!
* Any Dark Angels with the Inner Circle rule get Zealot when facing an army with Cypher. They’re already Fearless so this could’ve just been Hatred for the same effect.
* Cypher can’t be the warlord of an army and the warlord of his army has -1 leadership.
* He gets Eternal Warrior and Shrouded for some reason from the mysterious sword he never uses.

The dataslate also includes a Fallen Angels formation that includes Cypher and 1-3 unmarked Chosen units. Everyone gets infiltrate and as long as they’re within 12″ of Cypher they get to use his leadership and receive And They Shall Know No Fear.

Then there’s 3 generic missions to be played with any armies as long as one includes Cypher and 3 very specific missions including one where Cypher impersonates an Inquisitor.

I’m not going to say this thing is worth its price tag of $16.99 , but Cypher looks like he’d be a fun character to mess around with. I’ll be picking up the model to run with my Chaos Marines if nothing else. I may even end up making a unit of Fallen to go with him.

Plus a lot of fluff, etc. – apparently these rules are about 1/3 the size of a codex, so the price is about 1/3 the cost as well – so a LOT of fluff probably! Could be worth it? Shane, DW or myself could use Cypher in our armies against Jack, which is pretty cool.

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