Apocalypse formations

Now these look tasty! Just getting prepped for the game in December…

This guy has done write-ups of each formation available when playing Apocalypse rules:

Part 1 (Dark Angel, Blood Angel, Chaos)

Part 2 (Dark Eldar, Eldar, Grey Knight, IG)

Part 3 (Necrons, Orks)

Part 4 (Space Marines, Space Wolves)

In case you don’t know, the formations are set groups of units or models that get special rules when used together.

For instance, for Chaos:

Tide of Spawn:

    • 5+ Chaos Spawn
    • Unit starts off the table. After turn 1, pick any unit from Chaos Space Marines codex and replace that number of models with your Chaos Spawn. If the models removed have a Mark of Chaos, then the Spawn keep that mark.

So…wow – replace any cheapo unit (like 20 pts of of cultists) with 150 points of Spawn? I’m gonna build me up some Spawn! They’re just fun to use and really annoy Shane 😛


Heldrake Fear Squadron:

    • 3-5 Heldrakes
    • Units may use their Daemonforge special rule every round (but still risk a hull point). Maye also make a pre-game move of 60″ and Vector Strike with it.

FIVE Heldrakes!? A pre-game move of FIVE FEET?! OK yeah, gonna have to build me up those Nurgle Heldrakes I’ve been talking about for a while.

This one looks really interesting:

Lords of the Black Crusade:

    • Abaddon
    • Ahriman or any Tzeentch Sorcerer
    • Kharn or any Khorne Chaos lord
    • Typhus or any Nurgle Chaos lord
    • Lucius the Eternal or any Slaanesh Chaos lord
    • Despite them not being the Warlord of your force, each character can take his Finest Hour or Sons of the Primarch, but they must all do so on the same turn. Also, Abaddon can call on his flagship to start bombarding the planet. Once you activate, start using the Magma Storm from the Unnatural Disasters list. If Abaddon is alive, then his player is the Master of Disaster every turn.

So…ALL of the main character HQs in one massive command unit, with the ability to nuke the battlefield and use some primarch special rules?! Where do I sign up?!

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