Upcoming Warhammer World Trip: Apocalypse!

 I’ve reserved a table at Warhammer World for an Apocalypse game! 

We didn’t get a chance to play last Friday, so I’ve reserved an Apocalypse-size table for us all to play on.

Oh what’s that, you say? ‘AN’ Apocalypse-size table? Isn’t there only one (Fort Pain)? NOPE! For there will be TWO! In November ‘Jimigan’s Bridge’ will be completed and we’ll be one of the first to play on it:

(completed version)

(WIP version)

This is it in WIP state, this was used during Games Day last month in its unfinished state.

So here’s the details:
DATE: 15th of December
TIME: 10 AM to 6 PM (unfortunately closing time is earlier on Sundays)
THE GAME: Apocalypse!

I’ve invited a few other people online so we’ll see who shows up and divvy up the teams accordingly!

UPDATE 1: Photo of the finished table!

UPDATE 2: Warhammer World has put up pictures of the table in action!

Non-Hammertime40K players planning to attend or watch:
richyp (watching)
Namenlos (Adepta Sororitas)
Raphus C (Orks!)
ineptmule (maybe)
Galaspar (Plague Marines)
my nephew-to-be (Blood Angels)
Chris(?) (friend of Shane’s)(Blood Angels?)



Apparently I need to be the ‘organizer’ of the game, so I need to come up with a schedule and decide a few things!

We’ll be using the 6th edition rules of 40K, these are the latest rules that came out last year, so please either get a rulebook and read up or watch a few videos on YouTube to see what’s changed from 5th or 4th or whatever the last edition you played was. We’ll do everything we can to help out but we’ve got limited time to play so we have to move as fast as possible

The Goodies & The Baddies
Each side will need to choose an overall Warmaster for their side. This will be one of the Warlords from the armies on each side.

Warhammer World opens at 10 AM on Sundays and closes at 6 PM, so we need to get a wriggle on to get in a few turns! Please show up at 10 AM sharp if at all possible. We’ll unpack and get introduced around and start deploying at 10:30. We should finish deploying by 11:00 at the latest.

Warhammer World closes at 6 PM so we need to finish the game by 5:30, so here’s the schedule we should try to stick to:

1000 Arrive, unpack, introductions, pick sides, deal out Strategic Assets
1030-1100 Deployment & place Strategic Objectives (3 per side)
1100 Start first session
1230 Lunch break
1330 Start second session
1500 short break
1600 Start third session
1730 Finish game – winner is side with most Strategic Objectives

Turns (Moving Fast!)
As you can see from the schedule above, we don’t have much time, so we do have to move quickly, especially when it comes to assaults. Turns will have to be a maximum of 45 minutes per side, so plan ahead, have your dice ready and if you’re not sure what has to happen (in case you haven’t played in a while) please read ahead in the rulebook and have your army’s codex ready.

Late Arrivals
There’s probably going to be some folks coming late, which is fine, but please try to make it on time. If you arrive late, your army will be put into Strategic Reserves for your side and we’ll figure out if any extra Strategic Reserves cards need to be given to either side because of the increased number of players.

Mission & Deployment
I’ve decided that we’ll use the Race to Destruction deployment setup, with each side deploying 9″ from the centerline of the table, deploying on the long edges. This setup requires each side to bid how much time (in minutes) they will take to deploy all their units, with any units not on the table put into Strategic Reserves.

Unnatural Disasters
I’ve decided that we won’t use these, as fun as they sound. There won’t be many of us using Psykers and no Daemon players are attending, so that takes out half of the options, and all of them involve adding extra special rules that will take more time to resolve. So for the purposes of speedy play we’re just going to ignore these this time.

Don’t Forget…

  • Your armies!
  • Dice – LOTS of dice! Don’t forget scatter dice
  • Templates
  • Tape measures
  • The latest Codex for your armies
  • Rulebook (6th edition only, any older editions will just confuse things)
  • We’ll need an approximate total of the points of your armies

Dropping Out
Some people may feel they’ve had enough at a certain point and just want to sit back and watch, or go check out the rest of Warhammer World – that’s fine, but please let your side know if you’re at all inclined to do this, so you don’t leave them in a lurch. Ideally, wait until your side has gone and you’ve thrown your army at one last desperate charge – this way, it’s a fitting end if they’re wiped out, or they can bow out after a glorious fight.

Have Fun!
Remember this is a game, we’re doing it to have fun and hang out, plus Apocalypse is about blowing up as much stuff as possible! Up to half of the folks playing may not be very familiar with 6th edition, so we’ll need some patience from the more current players…but also a willingness to learn quickly from the semi-retired folks 🙂 But at the end of the day we should be able to look back and have a laugh, which is the point of the whole thing anyway.

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