Does anyone need some painting done?

I need to have sample pictures of vehicles and things for my airbrush work, and I need some variety in my ‘portfolio’.

So far my only plans for my own vehicles are my red-and-yellow army colors, or Nurgled-out vehicles that are going to be nasty flesh and vomit-green colors. Some stuff with a cool grey, blue-gray, green or silver-green color would help with some variety.

The painting won’t include assembly but I will do: primer with preshading, base coats, washes, highlighting and some detail work on things like badges, lenses, weapons, etc. I’d like to try stuff with weathering powders for weathering, maybe some battle damage and whatnot, happy to discuss that with ya…

Of course I’ll do the work for free, you just need to provide the base color paint and the built model.

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