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Campaign Video Batrep #5: Necrons v Space Wolves! …Battle of the Davids!

Hammertime: 13 March 1200 ponts each Necrons – David B Lord on Warscythe Overlord Immortals Warriors Wraiths Scarab Swarm Canoptek Spider Space Wolves – David W Runepriest Grey Hunters with Runepriest Grey Hunters Long Fangs Razorback with Lascannon Vindicator Here’s the video link: Check it out! or watch it below [youtube=]

Batrep: Hammerfest!

It has GONE DOWN! The first HAMMERFEST is HISTORY! Hammertime: 18th December 1000 points each Blood Angels/Relictors – Shane Mephiston (Warlord) 2 squads of Assault Marines (w/o jump packs), with Sanguinary Priests 2 Land Speeders Dreadnought Chaos Space Marines – Frank Typhus (Warlord) 3 Chaos Terminators 7 Plague Marines with Melta

3-way Batrep: Blood Spectres v Necrons v Space Wolves!

HAMMERDOWN 1! GET SOME!! Hammerdowntime: 15th November 1000 points each, 3 players, free-for-all Blood Angels/Relictors – Shane 2 10-man squads of Assault Marines, combat-squadded with Sanguinary Priests and Captain 1 10-man squad of Devastators, combat-squadded Necrons – David B Warlord on Warscythe chariot 6 Immortals Warrior squad with Lord Squad

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