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Batrep: Dark Angels & Space Wolves vs Blood Spectres & Chaos Space Marines!

Epic 2v2! Hammertime: 24th January 1000 points each Relictors (Counts-as Blood Angels) – Shane The Relictor (Sanguinor) 2 x Relictory (Sanguinary) Priests 2 x 10 jump Assault Troop squads 2 x Predators with Autocannons Space Wolves – David W Rune Priest x2 3 squads Grey Hunters 2 squads Long Fang

Batrep: Hammerfest!

It has GONE DOWN! The first HAMMERFEST is HISTORY! Hammertime: 18th December 1000 points each Blood Angels/Relictors – Shane Mephiston (Warlord) 2 squads of Assault Marines (w/o jump packs), with Sanguinary Priests 2 Land Speeders Dreadnought Chaos Space Marines – Frank Typhus (Warlord) 3 Chaos Terminators 7 Plague Marines with Melta

Batrep: Dark Angels defend against Dark Eldar Raid!

Defensive Stand! Hammertime: 8th November 1500 points Dark Angels – Jack Librarian (Warlord) with Terminators 7 Terminators in Land Raider Crusader 2 squads of Tactical Marines, combat-squadded 5 Scouts Predator Whirlwind Vindicator Dark Eldar – Frank and ‘Touched by Evil’ Shane Baron Sarthonyx (Warlord) with Hellions Haemonculus (with Scissorhands) with

BatRep: Dark Eldar vs Blood Spectres & Space Wolves!

Hammertime: 30th October 1250 points Space Marine Relictors (Blood Angels) – Shane 2 squads of Assault Marines with Sanguinary Priest Captain (Warlord) with Iron Halo Space Wolves Allies – David W Runepriest psyker Squad of Grey Hunters (very CC-oriented, with bolters as well) Squad of Longfangs (Devastators) Dark Eldar –

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